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Guiding Principles

At the core of our products are three principles. They guide our decision making for new products, keep us focused on priorities, and above all else - have you (the consumer) in mind.

1. Clean fragrance is the standard, not the exception.

2. Create beautiful experiences without creating waste. Make all products sustainable.

3. Be unique, creative and relatable. Feel luxurious, but be affordable.

Our Origins

Hello! I'm Erin, and this is my journey in creating Tulsa Candle Co:

In 2015, stuck inside during the wet, cold winter months that cover Seattle from October - March, I poured my first candle ("Love Spell") in an empty jelly jar. It was an attempt to find a new hobby and keep the apartment smelling nice; it ended up becoming a passion. Six years, an Etsy shop and a lot of growth and refinement later, the hobby-turned-passion became a business.


In 2020, I relocated to Tulsa to be closer to friends and family with my fiancee Hutch and our pug, Boyd. In early 2021, I took a giant, empowering leap and left my job of 10 years as a Senior Program Manager with Amazon in order to commit to candle making full time. In March 2021, Tulsa Candle Co. was born.

At Tulsa Candle Co., our mission is to create candles that stand out from other big name options. While many people buy and burn candles regularly, they often aren't aware of how important each ingredient is to the final product.

At Tulsa Candle Co., we use all-natural soy wax in all our products. Soy wax is a renewable resource and sustainable choice for candles, and produces less soot and longer burn times than other wax options. Our clean fragrance oils are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals. Our candle jars are made from glass which can easily be recycled or upcycled after you've finished enjoying your candle. 

Tulsa Candle Co. creates candles that don't just smell amazing, they are a smart, sustainable choice you can feel good about. 

Erin, Founder of Tulsa Candle Co.

About Us: About Us

Meet Tulsa Candle Co.

A small one-woman business, Erin handles every step of the operation - from curating new unique scents to hand pouring candles and shipping them to you.

Image of a young woman with brown hair and a striped dress

Erin Patterson

Owner & Candle Maker

Erin began making candles as a relaxing hobby that quickly transformed into a passion project to create and sell candles made only with the best all-natural, sustainable ingredients. After years of selling on Etsy, Erin founded Tulsa Candle Co. in 2021 to expand her passion project into a fully fledged business.

About Us: Meet The Team
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