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What makes your candles 'transparently clean'?

It's all about the ingredients. The candle industry isn't heavily regulated, which unfortunately means many brands use chemicals and materials that can pose harm when a candle burns. We believe candles are for everyone, and strive to create clean products that allow you to focus on the scent instead of worrying about what's being released into the air. This led to our transparently clean mindset. We source the best ingredients and believe in transparency with our customers so you know exactly what you get when you buy a Tulsa Candle Co. candle.

So what goes into our candles?...

1. We use only all-natural soy wax in all our candles, produced from US-grown soy beans. Soy wax burns longer and cleaner than other waxes.

2. Cotton wicks woven with paper for sturdiness - absolutely no metal woven throughout.

3. Fragrance oil free from 5 primary hazard groups (read our next FAQ for more info!)

4. Glass jars that are easy to clean out once done for recycling or upcycling.

What is your fragrance oil made from?

Our high quality fragrances are made from a blend of essential oils and synthetic aromas. All oils are guaranteed to be 100% phthalate and paraben-free, as well as adhere to the stringent California Prop 65 list. Our Clean fragrances never include any of these five hazard groups:

Carcinogens: These are materials known or thought to cause cancer. 

Mutagens: Materials that change the DNA of a cell, harming the cell and causing diseases like cancer. 

Reproductive toxins: Toxins that adversely affect reproductive organs and increase the risk of birth defects. 

Organ toxins: These are toxins that can cause adverse effects or disease within specific bodily organs. 

Acute toxins: Toxins that can cause adverse effects from a single exposure. Generally, this would be accidental exposure like spillage or ingestion. 

How long do your candles burn?

When following proper burning guidelines, our candles can be expected to burn for the following duration:

4oz. mini candles burn for 20+ hours.

9 oz. candles burn for 50+ hours.

18oz. 3-wick candles burn for 60 hours.

Be sure to always follow proper candle safety and only burn for up to 4 hours at a time.

Do you take custom orders?

If you have an event or special order request, check out our Wholesale page and submit an inquiry using the Wholesale/Custom Order Inquiry Form.

Do you offer local delivery?

Tulsa Candle Co. is located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma metro area. We love our community and happily hand deliver orders within the Tulsa area for free as a way to say thank you for shopping local. 

Not sure if your address qualifies for Free Delivery? Start the Checkout process and enter your address; Delivery Methods will be displayed before any payment information is required. If you're within the local delivery zone, "Hand Delivery" will be an available option.

What are candle burning best practices and why do they matter?

  • Trim wick to 1/4" before lighting.

  • Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings

  • Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface

  • Do not burn candle for more than four hours at a time

  • Stop use when only 1/4" of wax remains

Following these guidelines is important to prevent fire-related accidents, as well as ensures you get the most out of your candle. Trimming the wick and limiting burn time allows you to enjoy a richer sent for longer!

Our goal is to ship orders in the most sustainable, zero-waste method possible. During periods of warm weather shipping (June-August), additional packaging may be added to your order to ensure candles are not impacted by the heat. 

All 4oz and 9oz orders are shipped in zero waste shippers that are custom made to perfectly fit our jars. This ensures zero breakage, and zero waste. We have shippers to fit single, double, and triple orders at this time. If your order contains more than 3 candles, you may receive multiple packages. 

All 18oz orders are shipped in fully recyclable boxes produced in the US and contain bio peanuts which are made from entirely renewable resources and are 100% bio-degradable and compostable. We encourage you to reuse the packing peanuts if possible, but rest assured that they will fully compost if/when disposed. 


What packaging do you use to ship orders?

How can I leave a review?

We love to hear from our customers and highly encourage reviews! There are several ways you can leave a review: 

1. Head to the Testimonials page and fill out the Review form.

2. Leave a review on our Google business page.

3. Leave a review on our Facebook page.

Have an issue or less than happy with your candle? We want to make it right - send us a note with the details of the concern using our Contact Us form and we'll reach back out to you soon.

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